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The pearls of the weekI have always liked to share a phrase at the end of each class, a phrase with a message to which I put the name of Pearl.every Sunday I shared from the faceboock of Izel yoga this pearl that lasted a week and was read at the end of each I dare to share it also from here and for all of you.there goes the pearl of this week….    THE RUINS ARE A GIFT, THEY ARE A PATH TO TRANSFORMATION.
Yoga KuruntaIt is a little known modality of yoga that consists of using strings (kurunta means “puppet”) to achieve a deeper stretching of the musculature. It is highly recommended to treat back pain and create space between the vertebrae, lengthening the spine and releasing tension.  This system has its origins in India and helps to improve the asanas because it works as a point of support that allows you to be more flexible and stronger.
ReikiIt is a manual therapy that originated in Japan. It consists of healing by laying on of hands and its benefits are innumerable: it reestablishes your inner balance and helps you to heal physical and emotional discomfort. It works on the different chakras to improve the flow of energy.  With just one session you will be able to feel the results.  Individual and group sessions are available, ask for an appointment!

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We are not a conventional gym; in Sano Madrid Tetuán you will enjoy a totally different training experience. You will work with a personalized training program based on a complete initial assessment prepared by our team of professionals. We want to be part of your new life and help you to acquire healthy habits, will you join our Sano community?
The service of individual Personal Training (PT One to One) or with two people (PT Duo) is a premium service of Sano centers. It is aimed at those people who in a first stage are not advised to work in groups because of an injury or specific pathology; people with a specific challenge objective; special populations that require individualized work; users who like to work in a more intimate and personal way to achieve their individual goals; etc.
Personalized training in a small group of 6 to 8 people with common objectives. This service is an evolution of the premium personal training (One to one or Duo), since the essence and quality of service of personal training is maintained, but with the complicity of a group of profiles with similar objectives. This modality is more economical for the client, and is very stimulating due to the benefits of the service in a reduced group.

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Estamos muy ilusionados con el inicio de esta nueva edición de la Startup School. Este año ofrecemos un formato blended en el que, además de la formación online, organizaremos sesiones presenciales para compartir cara a cara con los equipos.  A esta edición se han presentado más de 100 proyectos dispuestos a trabajar duro y a formar parte de la gran comunidad que hemos ido construyendo en Tetuan Valley a lo largo de estos años. Tras las entrevistas personales que hemos realizado durante 2 días intensos… ¡ya tenemos a los finalistas!    Gracias a todos los equipos por su confianza y su iniciativa, esperamos seguir en contacto con vosotros y aprender juntos.

c.c. eduardo úrculo. yoga. session 7

It is an inner and not an outer discipline. There can be no yoga competition as seen in some modern yoga marketing products. It is not a sport where physical or aesthetic results are sought. There can be no exaltation of the ego. Yoga is a transformation of the mind where there is calm and control of the ego.
The postures in yoga are to activate the body systems (blood, hormonal, lymphatic, nervous) and awaken the energy so that the mind can meditate without being aware of the tensions of the body. Physical exercise in yoga is to prepare the mind for meditation and are performed with a focused mind and specific breathing.
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