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40 minute Yoga Nidra for a deep and restful rest. Recorded live with a wonderful group of 20 people, the Yoga Nidra ends with a poem by Rumi that invites reflection and silence.
This Yoga Nidra of 28 mins, has been recorded in a forest of Fontainebleau next to a stream.  It is a healing and restorative Yoga Nidra balancing the three potentials of the human being of love, intelligence and energy.
This Yoga Nidra in Spanish has been recorded in the forest of Fontainebleau next to a water stream. It is a healing Yoga Nidra balancing the three potentials of the human being, love, intelligence and energy.
This 28 minute Yoga Nidra cultivates the ability to create the very space for Being and Self.  Thus nurturing one’s consciousness and expansion.  Inspired by a natural environment. On a physical level it provides an integral rest.

Re-energizar yoga nidra (en español)- mayte gomez

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Guided relaxation. yoga nidra in spanish.

Probably, for some time now you have been thinking about practicing a meditation technique that will help you to stop, even for a few minutes, those repetitive thoughts in your mind that exhaust you, stress you and leave you without energy. Well, you are in luck: this book explains it to you and with it you will be able to practice a guided meditation technique with a western approach, easy and effective even for beginners. The first few times you practice Nidra Darshan, the experience is really amazing: you follow a series of instructions in a curious order and almost without realizing it, after a short time and for most practitioners, you can experience a state of deep and complete relaxation. With practice, you get to stay in that intermediate state that is between sleep and wakefulness where you can connect with your inner world, with your intuitions, and is the state where you can “plant” affirmations in the subconscious that help you achieve your personal goals in life. / Easy and effective meditation and relaxation combined with personal goals. This book explains it all and with it you can practice a guided meditation technique with a western approach, easy and effective even for beginners.

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In Yog Nidra, the most effective way to train the mind is in the ‘sankalp’, that is, in the resolution we formulate during each practice. Anything in life can let you down, but not the sankalp – this is an important stage of Yog Nidra and a way to reshape your personality and direct the direction of your life in a much more positive way. When the consciousness and body are in deep relaxation, any sankalp or resolution that is formulated must be realized. The resolution made at the beginning of the practice is like planting a seed that at the end of the practice is to be irrigated.
Yog Nidra is a practice that brings the deep levels of the psyche into conscious experience. It brings deep relaxation to all levels: physiological, psychological and emotional. This deep relaxation has a direct effect on glandular functions, and therefore, we have better health and much more energy.
During the practice of Yog Nidra, your consciousness will travel from one layer to the other. At times, you will undertake a deep journey, and in this case, you will have fantastically explosive experiences, and at other times, your consciousness will not travel as deeply. Experiences such as levitation can occur when the consciousness travels through the subconscious mind. A temporary disassociation will take place between the mind and the body, and it is there that you will have wonderful experiences.