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Verónica Blume (nacida el 17 de julio de 1977 en Alemania) es una modelo de moda y actriz afincada en España. Es más conocida por el público estadounidense por su papel de Verónica en la comedia de televisión Out of the Blue[1].

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Sometimes, being is difficult, almost impossible. But connecting with the other side of that vertigo, with the infinite freedom that begins with self-love, is the best way to let go of layers to find ourselves. Let us embark on this journey back to the inner energy that guides us and brings us back to harmony, and let us learn to enjoy the journey with a new look.
I have allowed myself to create something that is not perfect, but real. These pages are impregnated with the emotions that I can recognize in myself so that the language that flows from my truth can resonate with yours.Read more
You already know what’s happening next Sunday, May 2, don’t you, of course!  Mother’s Day has our full attention and for the past few days we’ve been looking for the perfect gift to tell her how much we love her. And as the book lovers that we are, she thinks
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V.B. People don’t go to yoga when they are phenomenal and balanced. You usually do it when you are stressed and need to relax, when you are injured and can’t go running, when the psychologist has recommended it or simply because you want to lose weight for the summer. There are many reasons and all of them are valid.
V.B. Yes, it has been a great opportunity to look at those closest to us and at ourselves and learn to manage our worries and anxieties. The most beautiful thing is that a great online community has been created with new people looking for a place to relax.
V.B. It is important to listen to that voice in the stillness that tells us that we are not well and that we must do something. What has gone up is the percentage of people who have noticed. It happens a lot that “dad has stopped working and is sick” [laughs].
V.B. Accept that the model sells a product and that product is her physical appearance. I didn’t understand that I was the product to sell, I never knew how to see my body as a business. And that’s where it got complicated for me. Being beautiful, making money and being on the catwalk is not happiness for me. The bubble of beauty and fame is very superficial.

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-Why did you give up the catwalks in the middle of your success? Since my father was very fond of meditation, and my mother had her own vegetable garden, I was predisposed to do the same as them. When I started to travel, instead of throwing myself into the world of the night, which was the easiest and most common thing to do, I started to shut myself up at home, meditate and practice yoga.
-What has the natural life brought you that luxury and glamour didn’t? The daily practice of yoga gives me a great stability, which is not common in the fashion world. This does not mean that I am a hyper-balanced person, although I have a natural balance that I can return to whenever I need it. Of course, for that you have to practice yoga consistently. That allows me to enjoy a peace of mind that I don’t have to look for elsewhere.
-Did they try to take you down dangerous paths? Of course, but I have always been very German. I went to work. On the catwalk or in photo shoots I was a character, in my private life I have never participated in show business.