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– When you manage to keep your balance, it’s time to lift your legs laterally. This way you don’t lose your balance. It is very important to keep your back straight so that the effort is less.
If you have never tried (or since childhood) to perform the Pine Tree Pose, you will find it very difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to do some exercises to be able to complete the asana.
In this video we see a yogini using a chair to hold the Pine Tree Pose from the waist up. She does not raise her legs because she still needs to practice balancing with her arms only and gaining strength.
To gain flexibility in the spine you can do many Yoga asanas. We have chosen Hasta Uttanasana (which is done in the Sun Salutation) and Salabhasana two to help you prepare for the Pine Tree Pose.
A common mistake when performing Pine Tree Pose is to throw your legs back, arching your back too far. This makes it much more difficult. The back has to make a greater effort and you will feel discomfort after the exercise.


La Organización Mundial de la Salud (2012) define la demencia como una enfermedad cerebral crónica y progresiva que deteriora la memoria, el pensamiento, la orientación, el lenguaje, la capacidad de aprendizaje y la toma de decisiones; así como compromete el control emocional, la motivación y el comportamiento social. Los tipos más comunes de demencia son: Demencia de Alzheimer (EA), demencia vascular con cuerpos de Lewy y demencia frontotemporal; además, siendo frecuente, la demencia con patologías mixtas (Grupo de Neuropatología del Consejo de Investigación Médica Estudio de Función Cognitiva y Envejecimiento, 2001; Niedermeyer & Ghigo, 2011).
En el mundo, hay unos 47,5 millones de personas con demencia, y cada año se esperan 7,7 millones de nuevos casos (Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS), 2012). Dado el aumento de la esperanza de vida y la posibilidad de una mayor precisión en el diagnóstico, se estima que para 2030 habrá 70 millones de casos de EA, aproximadamente (Ferri et al, 2005).
El coste anual global de la demencia para 2005, se estima en 215.000 millones de euros, y el gasto medio anual en medicación para el paciente se estima en 1.825 dólares y 15 por hora. Sin embargo, un diagnóstico y tratamiento precoz de la EA puede suponer un importante ahorro para el sistema sanitario (Hogervorst, Ribeiro, Molyneux, Budge & Smith, 2002; Mittelman, Haley, Clay & Rith, 2006; Skoog et al., 1996).

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Whether you are a beginner or you are looking to perfect your current pino practice, there are many ways to develop it. We tell you about the benefits of practicing it (with or without wall support), and especially if you perform it frequently.
While trying to do an independent handstand, keep in mind that you have to focus on your body and try to balance your whole body. Without balance, you will continue to struggle to do the handstand properly. Try to keep your feet and legs together. Keeping them apart will require your mind to concentrate more and will make it more difficult to balance.
It is also important to always use your core strength to keep your balance. Never go down quickly, as this can lead to injury. Do not practice these poses face down on a full stomach.
This posture is part of many sports disciplines. Yoga, CrossFit and other types of training have this exercise among their bases. Below you will learn the positive points of introducing the handstand with good technique and supervision.

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If you are not an expert yogi, postures like this one from @Itsjustyogui can cause a problem in your cervical spine. And if you already have a hernia or regular discomfort in this area, don’t even try it. Not to mention the flexibility and control needed to do this posture, and above without seeing the previous steps needed to do it. Our advice. Don’t try any spine extensions like this or headstand poses if you haven’t practiced them before.
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