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through reports from these two institutions; also considers that Parliament should be involved in monitoring compliance with the benchmarks by the addressees of sanctions; instructs its Subcommittee on Human Rights to systematize and monitor work in this area for any sanction whose objectives and benchmarks are determined by human rights

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With the purpose of supporting the Extraordinary Recovery Period, we offer the digital notebooks #Ponteenforma, whose objective is to contribute to the reinforcement of the expected learning from the previous course that was worked on at a distance, and which will be used as a support for the students’ return to school.
Each digital notebook contains sections related to these topics: actions for a safe return to the classroom, how you can have your face-to-face classes, a socioemotional diagnosis and didactic cards with a diagnostic evaluation, as well as texts and activities that will allow you to review the main expected learning from the previous cycle.
The teacher’s booklet includes the student’s digital notebook with answers and includes the section “Social-emotional diagnosis for teachers”, as well as an infographic for a safe return to face-to-face classes and a work dosage format with the didactic cards so that each teacher can adapt it to the needs of his or her group.

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¿Te preguntas cómo llegar a Ponteenforma Gym 24h en Santiago De Querétaro, México? Moovit te ayuda a encontrar la mejor manera de llegar a Ponteenforma Gym 24h con indicaciones paso a paso desde la estación de transporte público más cercana.
Moovit proporciona mapas gratuitos e indicaciones en directo para ayudarte a navegar por tu ciudad. Consulta los horarios, las rutas, los horarios y averigua cuánto tiempo se tarda en llegar a Ponteenforma Gym 24h en tiempo real.
(Jardines) Av. Costituyentes Y Club Campestre Queretaro; Río Usumacinta Y Paseo Constituyentes; (Paradero El Pocito) Prol. Zaragoza Y Paseo Constituyentes; Prol. Zaragoza Y Hacienda El Jacal; Hacienda El Jacal Y Prol. Zaragoza.
¿Quieres ver si hay otra ruta que te lleve a una hora más temprana? Moovit te ayuda a encontrar rutas u horarios alternativos. Obtén las direcciones desde y hacia el Gimnasio Ponteenforma 24h fácilmente desde la App o la Web de Moovit.
Hacemos que ir a Ponteenforma Gym 24h sea fácil, por eso más de 930 millones de usuarios, incluyendo usuarios en Santiago De Querétaro, confían en Moovit como la mejor app para el transporte público. No necesitas descargar una app individual de autobús o de tren, Moovit es tu app de tránsito todo en uno que te ayuda a encontrar el mejor horario de autobús o tren disponible.

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Being fit is like saying that a person eats well, does a lot of physical activity and is at a healthy weight. If you are fit, your body works well, you feel good and you can do everything you want to do, like running around with your friends.
You may have a favorite food, but the best option is to eat a varied diet. If you eat different foods, you are more likely to get all the nutrients your body needs. Try new foods and also eat foods that you have tried but haven’t eaten in a while. Some foods, such as leafy green vegetables, taste better as you get older.  Set a goal to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day: two fruits and three vegetables.
What do you feel when you are full? When you are eating, notice how your body feels and when your stomach feels comfortably full. Sometimes people eat too much because they don’t realize when they need to stop eating. Eating too much can make you feel uncomfortable and can lead to unhealthy overweight.