Aum meaning in hindi

To sing the OM we usually do it in meditation posture, that is, sitting cross-legged or in lotus position, the hands can be in different ways, the palms of the hands resting on the knee, hands on the knees joining the tip of the index finger with the thumb, or placing the palms together at chest level in prayer position. The back is stretched and the chin slightly tilted down and we chant OM.
If you are familiar with the origins of yoga and practice, you will know and have felt the special energy that is created when many people chant the OM mantra at the same time, and if you haven’t felt it you should try it. Every day at The Class it is chanted several times and it is always magical, it is an experience you should live.

Gayatri yantra symbol

We already talked about the book The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, in the Yoga Books that every yogi should read, because of its importance in the History of Yoga. Well, the Om Symbol appears in it, or more exactly the word Om is mentioned.
Remembering the vibration of Om while feeling its meaning is the direct path to Self-Realization, and serves to destroy the obstacles that may impede the process of self-discovery.
That is, the Om Symbol is a graphic representation and a sound representation of a deep concept that must be understood through what you feel when meditating, and that no one can explain exactly with words.
The Om Symbol translated to Sound consists of pronouncing an A, a U and an M, not “OM”. But rather it is a mixture between AU and O, followed by the M. Moreover, these sounds are lengthened until reaching silence, which is the end of the Om sound.
Anyway, no matter how well you pronounce Om, if you don’t understand its meaning, you are not getting anywhere. You can repeat like a parrot who does not know what he is saying, or you can try to find the meaning.

Om keyboard symbol

Although, the mantra Om has no literal meaning, it is necessary to understand its power. It is usually used during meditation, Yoga practice, even in lithotherapy. So, in this article you will receive relevant information about this mantra and how it can help you on a personal level.
Similarly, Om (aum) encompasses the relationship between the physical and the spiritual world. For many, it is the first sound made by the Almighty, starting the other sounds to create the language of the earth.
On the other hand, in those countries where meditation and yoga are practiced, this symbolism is usually adopted in spiritual places. Also, practitioners have the custom of decorating their homes with this symbol. As a mantra, it can be written or represented on a badge, which has the same spiritual benefit as if it were pronounced.
In India and other countries where there are Buddhists, the practice of Om is done before starting the activities or tasks of the day. Some people write this mantra on the top of the paper when taking an exam.

Símbolo om significado

En el hinduismo, Om es uno de los símbolos espirituales más importantes[8][9] Se refiere a Atman (el Ser interior) y a Brahman (la realidad última, la totalidad del universo, la verdad, lo divino, el espíritu supremo, los principios cósmicos, el conocimiento)[10][11][12] La sílaba se encuentra a menudo al principio y al final de los capítulos de los Vedas, los Upanishads y otros textos hindúes. [12] Es un encantamiento espiritual sagrado que se realiza antes y durante la recitación de textos espirituales, durante la puja y las oraciones privadas, en ceremonias de ritos de paso (sanskara) como las bodas, y a veces durante actividades meditativas y espirituales como el Yoga[13][14].
La o inicial de “Om” es el grado vocálico guna de la u, que refleja el antiguo diptongo sánscrito védico au. Siendo así, a menudo se considera arcaicamente que la sílaba Om consta de tres fonemas: “a-u-m”.[31][32][33][34] En consecuencia, algunas denominaciones mantienen el diptongo arcaico au por considerarlo más auténtico.
El símbolo Om, ॐ, es una ligadura cursiva en devanagari, que combina अ (a) con उ (u) y el chandrabindu (ँ, ṃ). En Unicode, el símbolo está codificado en U+0950 ॐ DEVANAGARI OM y en U+1F549 OM SYMBOL (“símbolo genérico independiente de la fuente Devanagari”).