what is mindfulness and what is it used for?

Mindfulness allows us to create a different relationship with the thoughts and emotions that our mind produces. And when we pay attention to them and observe them from a new perspective, the meanings and repercussions that each mental phenomenon has for each of us becomes clearer and more understandable. Thus, when we become aware of the patterns of thoughts and emotions that govern us, we become freer, and we are able to respond in effective ways, instead of reacting in automatic ways conditioned by our past, without being unconsciously carried away by thoughts and emotions.

benefits of mindfulness

Mindfulness training provides us with resources to learn to look at ourselves without labels and to sustain those uncomfortable emotions that generate conflict. It facilitates opening an internal space from which to observe and respond to what we think and feel.
HealthWe live in a world of immediacy and constant change. We are overwhelmed by the excess of information, daily stress, uncertainty and challenges in the different areas of our lives. We need tools that help us to focus our minds, deploy our best qualities and foster moments of happiness. Would you like to integrate it into your daily life?
BusinessFrom a business point of view, Mindfulness is an effective practice to promote emotional intelligence, motivation, teamwork, creativity and learn to channel stressful situations. Through Mindfulness, the talents and internal resources of each individual are trained, producing positive changes in their attitudes and behaviors.Learn more…


“Mindfulness is in itself, something very simple and familiar. It is a universal and basic human capacity, which consists in the possibility of being aware of the contents of the mind moment to moment”. Vicente Simón (2007) “Awareness that appears by deliberately paying attention in the present moment and without judgment, to how the experience unfolds moment by moment.” Jon Kabat-Zinn (1994)
When we practice Mindfulness we facilitate an experience of awareness, of what is happening here and now, in which we find ourselves naked and alone with our own mind: I can listen, feel, observe, touch how I build worlds with it and attribute them real character, to such an extent that our whole organism reacts as if what I am thinking were true. Mindfulness helps us to observe how we articulate our inner speech and all the reality that we had built disappears, vanishes, leaving evidence that it was only a construction of my own mind.we can observe, sitting, with nothing to do but pay attention to our breathing as we constantly reedit the past, constantly anticipate and plan the future and how this moment pr

vitalizes psychology and mind

To REDUCE STRESS in a lasting way it is important to have tools that reduce it BUT it is fundamental to do a DEEP REVIEW OF HOW WE GENERATE OUR OWN STRESS, the Self-Discovery of HAKOMI groups and a series of
WHAT IS HAKOMI? With the aim of self-discovery and the reduction of unnecessary suffering, we conduct simple, generally relational experiments as a central element of the HAKOMI Method (Applied Mindfulness). David Medina is an international teacher certified by HEN (Hakomi Education Network).