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“In our gut lives such a quantity of bacteria (microbiota), that their genetic information (microbiome) is one hundred and fifty times greater than the DNA of our cells. This means that we have more bacteria than cells in the body, and these bacteria interact with the body and affect metabolism, immunity, mood and hormones.” So begins Take Care of Yourself. The keys to balance your body and transform your health, the book by Xevi Verdaguer, psychoneuroimmunologist (PNI), science communicator, physiotherapist and creator of the health event Hackers Meeting. We had the pleasure of speaking with him in person to ask him all about that “second brain” we have in our stomach.What is the microbiota and what ‘bugs’ compose itWhat “bugs” compose our microbiota? As Xevi explains, “when we talk about the intestinal microbiota we are talking about the composition of the microorganisms in the intestine, which includes bacteria, archaea, fungi and parasites. If we talk about the microbiome, we are referring to the DNA of all these microorganisms”.

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We have already told you what the microbiota is and how canned foods can help you take care of it. But did you know that there is a direct relationship between the balance of bacteria in our gut and our mood? An expert explains it to us in detail. Pay attention to his recommendations because they could not be more interesting.
“When the microbiota is out of balance, we have emotional problems or problems related to the nervous, immune and endocrine systems. Hence the importance of rebalancing the intestinal microbiota for the psychoneuroimmunoendocrine health of people,” says the expert Xevi Verdaguer, director of the master in psychoneuroimmunology in Barcelona and Madrid and director of the PNIB institute in Barcelona. The microbiota refers to all the microorganisms that inhabit the gastrointestinal system. All these microorganisms live in the same ecosystem and compete for the nutrients in the intestine that arrive through food. With this simple explanation, it is easier to understand the relationship between intestinal imbalance and anxiety. “We know that when parasites proliferate in excess they are capable of giving histamine problems, that is, that lead us to need antihistamines for dermatitis, asthma or urticaria problems, for example,” he adds. “Many people take antihistamines and really just have a dysbiosis or imbalance of the microbiota due to an excess of parasites or candida,” he says. “Other people, when they have an unbalanced microbiota, can have autoimmune disease problems,” he says.

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And also emotional problems, menstrual pain, fibroids or endometriosis, which are typical pathologies of estrogen predominance. In men, the accumulation of fat in the chest area, young infarcts or hemorrhoid problems are typical of excess estrogen. Diet, physical exercise, stress management and supplementation help us to treat individuals after a personalized diagnosis.
To maintain healthy intestinal health, it is necessary to eat fermented foods, foods rich in resistant starch such as legumes or potatoes, cooked and cold cereals or bananas. In addition to food, physical exercise, vitamin D from the sun and non-exposure to toxins also improve bacterial diversity.
If the problem is stress, the first step is to get enough sleep (more than seven hours for women and more than six for men). Do physical exercise and reduce estrogens, which increase the activity of a hormone that increases stress hormones.

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This liquid that has gained so many followers is a fermented drink made from a sweetened tea, previously fermented also with a series of yeasts and bacteria named Scoby, which in its acronym refers to: (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast).
It is very likely that up to this point you have asked yourself the question: What is it for? There are many reasons to ingest tea. As a probiotic drink, it offers many improvements to your body, ranging from improving intestinal transit, circulation and intestinal flora, to strengthening your immune system. It also serves to achieve high levels of relaxation and concentration.
According to the pronouncement of the World Health Organization, probiotics are microorganisms that are alive and in turn, when ingested properly, promote a series of benefits for the new organism. If we talk about the main benefits, special mention should be made of their ability to balance the digestive system with their enzymes and boost the immune system.