Breathing based meditation

This blog is an open window on my words and pictures about life. I like to explore the world with my camera and sometimes just one image presents my feelings of this moment. Sometimes words come to my heart and I appreciate let them coming out.
Art is the fruit of a person’s creative acts. The creative act is an act that puts into action human mechanisms such as movement, concentration, intention, presence, body. There is no doubt that the creative act when fully lived is an act of mindfulness, it is mindfulness in its pure state, almost a meditative practice where the focus is on the process rather than on the result (as in meditation), where the body takes a fundamental role and where – sometimes – we have to “fight” mental distractions such as judgments, thoughts to allow us to fully enter into the Art.
Now art (and the creative process) also provides an opportunity for all people – young, old, differently abled, with special traits, with or without illnesses – to be able to connect with a mindfulness activity. We cannot all sit down to meditate. We all do not have the body, the patience, the learning to be able to meditate… so why not open a space of conscious creativity, of present art for all these people and give them the opportunity to connect with the present, with the body, with a process without judgment, with the beauty of feeling alive and [email protected] in their own life.

Every moment is an opportunity

To use photography as a tool to observe, feel, share and express. To learn and create a world where tolerance, respect and framing help us to live inter & intra personal relationships in a kinder way.
Idris & Calista, altruism, Shambhala, meditation, nature as a unique teacher, Fabienne Verdier, knowledge and gift of self, the sea, tolerance, open mind to new culture, ART, courage, Yoga, music and Dharma,… and every human being I meet on my way.

Teaching our children new ways of living

This website is my guide to, through art, mindfulness and body movement, lead the person towards the reconversion to a healthy and balanced life emotionally, cognitively and physically.
Trained as an art therapist, certified teacher by UMass Medical School, Mindfulness and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), photographer and yoga teacher. The development of my work is oriented around these disciplines to restore a better self-esteem, create a growing self-confidence and thus give the possibility to rediscover a space of self-expression with oneself and with society.

Body scan guided meditation

For me the benefits of mindfulness practice in my daily life translate into observing how my mind works, stopping the flow of thoughts…, connecting with body sensations, identifying, coping and thus reducing my extra. Improving concentration and achieving positive effects on my physical, mental and emotional health.
Through the practice of meditation we investigate our own nature as beings. Especially the nature of our mind through systematic and careful self-observation, thus achieving greater satisfaction, harmony and wisdom in our lives.
Certified teacher of the Mindfulness-based stress reduction program MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) developed by J. Kabat-Zinn. University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, Massahusetts (USA).