(28-6-2013). The new TV channel offers yoga and pilates classes, guided meditation and relaxation practices and in the future will incorporate nutrition tips and other healthy practices. The goal is to become the reference space for healthy living and that anyone can improve their quality of life. To see one of the videos of the TV channel, click on the news.
The channel is aimed at “those people who wish to practice these disciplines and improve their technique, but due to lack of time or incompatibility of schedules, it is impossible for them to attend yoga and/or Pilates centers, preferring to practice when and where it is most convenient for them”.

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1 2 Introduction Due to the growing need for labor incorporation in the administrative field, this preparatory course has been developed, which aims to develop a theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of administration.
1.- Establish the study schedule. HOW TO IMPROVE THE STUDY It should always be established by the student himself, trying to ensure a certain regularity, it is advisable to study at least five days a week.
Dear WachyWachy tutor, This is a guide to how the platform works. We recommend that you take some time to read it carefully, as learning how it works will get you started.
INTRODUCTION The choice of Blogger as the platform or place to host our blog is appropriate if we do not want to complicate the installation of our own server, with all that this entails:
I Online Training Introduction to Evaluation Evaluation Results Barcelona, December 11 Subsidized by: Secretariat of the National AIDS Plan INTRODUCTION The evaluation of the training.

zoom works by subscription. If you don’t subscribe, you can only watch three or four minutes of the videos to get an idea of what the class is about, but obviously you can’t follow it. New classes appear every week but the flat rate (6 euros per month now for promotion and 10 euros per month, in general) allows you to do as many as you want, or even repeat them.
They have nine different teachers, specialists in each subject, and there is a blog on healthy topics related to each subject. Their idea, they explain, is to create a community around yoga, meditation and Pilates.

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“An initiatory journey is a story, a tale, an experience, in which an individual finds himself in situations that will make his personality change, after he becomes aware of himself, of the external reality or possessing a mission in life, and sees his character, spirit or experience modified to achieve an improvement in his person, after managing to overcome a series of situations.”
“Correct the imbalance of our energies through relaxing oil massages and restore the health of the body and mind with the natural healing of Ayurveda, purifying your body, inside and out, renewing you and experiencing the benefits of Ayurveda in your life, which together with yoga, meditation and the consumption of Ayurvedic foods, will act as a purification and revitalization, nourishing and purifying the body and mind.