Asistencia y colaboración con el comité organizador de las “III Jornadas Catalanas de Fisioterapia postoperatoria y ortopédica: lesiones ligamentosas”. Reconocido de interés sanitario por el Servicio Catalán de Salud, y celebrado en Santa Coloma de Gramenet, 2004 (Certificado de Acreditación)
“Seminario de Electroterapia (Láser, Campos Magnéticos, Potenciación y elongación muscular a través de corrientes eléctricas)” 20 horas de teoría y enfoque práctico. Impartido en el Col-legi de Fisioterapeutes de Catalunya, 2003 (Certificado de Acreditación)
Asistencia a la “2ª sesión de cuidados geriátricos en enfermería y fisioterapia: buscando una atención integral” Reconocida de interés sanitario por el Servicio Catalán de la Salud, celebrada en 2003 (Certificado de Acreditación)


In this book, Xevi Verdaguer offers us a revolutionary way of understanding how we function that will radically transform our health. The secret: nutrition, physical exercise, stress management, toxic reduction and supplementation.
In our daily life we suffer from different discomforts that we alleviate with natural or chemical medicines. Xevi Verdaguer, specialist in PsychoNeuroImmunology, brings us closer to integrative medicine and offers us the keys to better understand our body, learn to listen to it and become the true protagonists of our health. Thanks to his knowledge, he shows us what we can do to solve these ailments in a natural and simple way.

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Shoba et al. published in 1998 that “piperine increases the bioavailability of curcumin by up to 2000% in humans and to a lesser extent in rats” by increasing the fluidity of intestinal villi and thus increasing its absorption.
In vivo studies in rats have shown that silibinin from milk thistle (itself anticarcinogenic) and quercetin from onions or grape and apple skins are natural components that effectively slow down the glucuronidation of curcumin and improve its effects by keeping it longer in the body.

En Kavaalya puedes encontrar la mejor formación de yoga para niños y aprender a enseñarles. Kavaalya ha diseñado un paquete de cursos de yoga para niños que combina asanas, pranayama, juegos y meditación.


We perform an Advanced Metabolic Study that gives us the necessary and accurate information regarding the current state of the individual; what energy needs he/she has at rest and during physical exercise, what type and amount of food he/she needs to achieve goals and what type of physical activity is more effective for him/her to perform.
Through the Advanced Metabolic Study our mission is to optimize all food-dependent processes that lead to improved health and energy status through personalized nutritional and physical exercise strategies tailored to your metabolic profile.